auctora constipatus

Extreme parenthesis abuse ahead (you have been warned).

I’ve got some hellacious block right now. I haven’t touched the outline for the Tribal Warfare novel in four days. After contacting my editor, I’ve discovered that she too is experiencing some block on Chilling Field; now I don’t feel guilty about falling behind on revisions for Memory Kill (thought I should, because it’s 85k words and OMG it needs revising!)  I think trying to revise one book, and outline another is the problem–so I may abandon Warfare for now, in favor of cleaning up Memory.

In my time away from writing – I’ve chosen a new WordPress theme (if I lost some followers/followings from my list, sorry about that), I’ve caught up on the shows I DVR’d recently, downloaded a bunch of new White Lies songs, washed my Fiat–twice!, shopped for new accents for the bathroom, developed a severe sexual attraction of Meegwun Fairbrother (it’s the hair and the girth–it gets me every time!), re-read all of the Hannibal books in the Thomas Harris series (except Hannibal Rising, I just won’t do it!), and have played ENDLESS campaigns of Railroad Tycoon on the Sega Dreamcast (yes, I have the console, don’t judge me).

 It’s Friday tomorrow, so I’m going to scrap writing this weekend, and force myself back to revisions on Monday.

Sincerely, Tina Kolesnik (teny slackerskovinski)