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Sexual Stuff

The most intense oral I ever had was a tag team with two dudes, and they went full-on bromance while eating me out. Watching them lick my cunt then each other’s mouths, was so arousing. I engaged my share of doubles after that but when I tried to get the dudes to replicate (or at least provide a reasonable facsimile) I came up disappointed.

There’s plenty of porn out there with two dudes giving a woman oral at the same time, but their tongues, mouths, and bodies are so far apart. Why are straight dudes so afraid to touch each other sexually? If you’re at a point in your friendship where you’re a girlfriend, wife, or a sex-worker, you’re in a 100% judgment-free zone. Relax, kiss each other, touch each other, enjoy yourselves.

UPDATE: Porn Hub 0_0 you never fail me.