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Proof of Life

Checking in because, I guess I should.

Yes, I’m Still Alive…

Valentine’s Day was rough because I indulged in chocolates, and a host of other pure-sugar content that put my already beleaguered pancreas in a tailspin. I’ve been “off” health wise this week—I should have last week’s sugar overdose purged by the weekend. My doctors were clear: no booze, nearly no sugar–or you’re going to need surgery again. I’m 44 years too old for this shit. >_<

Revisions are moving along—I’m adding more things to the manuscript that are probably driving my editor insane. Reading my work out loud has led me to rewrite entire scenes of dialog; soldiers aren’t going to sound like scholars, so why are both characters speaking with the same verbiage? This conversation adds ZERO to the plot, no matter how cool it sounds Tarrantina. You can never go wrong reading your work out loud! Ever.

I’ve been carting Ian to and from work each morning (five am to start) and it’s killing my ability to stay up and watch TV past 10 o’clock. It’s a good thing Daily Show is ending, and Colbert’s gone—but I keep missing Larry Whitmore, and the second Friday showing of 12 Monkey’s.


Supernatural last night was hard to watch; lots of Dean Drama. His killing Cain was rough—and even though I’m always down with more Crowley, I really hate his mother (seriously—she’s in fucking scrappy-doo territory with me right now, hear me writers?). I would like her and the coven subplot to go away now please. I know the Mark of Cain isn’t strong enough to carry a season on its own, but there has to be something else other than Crowley’s Mother and her Witchy Ways.

I must watch Orphan Black and The 100. I’ve not yet been able to see them and I need to. I have an entire season of American Horror Story- Freak Show to watch, and I haven’t yet. =_=;