Didn’t You Used to Be Tina Anderson?

Long day out, spent most of it at the coffee shop, forcing myself to write the dialog needed to get the rewrite of the second novel done.  I didn’t realize that rewriting all that destroyed copy, would sour my motivation to write this series.  Shoot me.

It’s very hard dealing with people who want to know if

  • A) I’m still writing comics/BL
  • B) why aren’t you writing comics/BL
  • C) where’s Caroline, Laura, etc and are they still drawing
  • D) you never blog anymore about BL, do you hate it now?

I’m writing prose-fiction, working on my first series of novels, and despite the computer set-back (which lost me my 47 North contract) it’s slow going.  Comics is out of the question for me, because as a writer of comics, I can’t afford to produce a title on my own.  I can’t speak for Caroline, only that I blew it with her for being a raving egotistical asshole that crossed too many personal lines.  As for Laura, I got her into that mess that was Drama Queen, so we won’t go there. I don’t know if they’re still drawing—you’ll have to find out on your own.  I don’t hate BL, I read it quite often—particularly SuBLime’s digital offerings—but no, I won’t be reviewing it because…I’m just not that invested anymore.

Do I sound bitter? Absolutely. I made my pyre and I laid on it—and while not all the kindling was of my own doing, I’m smart enough to know when to throw in the towel and accept my faults and limitations. ^_-

In better news, the publisher that issued me the settlement over the plagiarism incident, sent me a notice today that my check will be mailed out on September 23rd.  This was good to know, because I was wondering where it was, as its buying my spouse a new kitchen and a hefty down payment on an RV.