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From Facebook: 08/16/17

History should be preserved?

So here’s my problem with the notion “Each side is wrong, we need to preserve our history and treat each other better.” I’ve seen this four times already tonight, and it’s killing me.

First off, White People so wrapped up in their own privilege thinking that giving an inch of opportunity to a person of color means they’re being oppressed? LOL! Those people deserve civility; I don’t care how organized they are, or how polite and educated they are about it; it’s shameful, and they should be made to feel shame. Those douchebags in Charlotte aren’t being civil – they deserve doxxing and worse.

So how did we get here? It’s not all Trump. The problem with United States history is that those on the wrong side of it have never been made to feel shame. In Germany, there’s a robust culture of shame around the activities of the German people during the 30’s and 40’s. You can’t sell Nazi uniforms, socialist memorabilia, or even the Reichstag flag. Shame is a powerful thing, it’s why you don’t have statues of Hitler anywhere in Germany, nor do you have douchebags from Bavaria demanding there be one because you know…Hitler brought the German people out of its worst depression and gave it its greatest economy.  There’s no sliding scale of dickery, if you perpetrate something shameful, you’re shamed.

The United States loves to measure the dickery of its historical figures because the important stuff forged the nation we are today. The problem with this? Preserving history isn’t a sliding scale. There’s a huge difference between remembering history, and honoring it; sadly, some people on my Flist didn’t get that memo.

When a central culture commits an atrocity or wrongdoing against a demoted portion of their population, it is and should always be, preserved and presented through the eyes of the victims. This conservation of history takes the form of museums, courses taught to our children without bias, and special days of remembrance. What it should never be is a commemoration of person, persons, or group, on the wrong side of history.

Founded by people that ultimately came down on the wrong side of moral history, the United States continues to struggle with the remembrance and honor. I live in a country with slave owners depicted on coins, where one president that tried to end slavery shares a holiday with a white slave owner because hey–he won us our independence! I live in a country where the notion of replacing a man that committed genocide against the first-nations people of the United States with a woman that symbolized the perseverance of black slaves wanting to be free, is met with protest, gaslighting, and outright racism. All of that, pre-Trump!

I can’t distance myself from the douchebags in Charlotte. I’m white, they’re white, and like it or not we’re each other’s keeper. If I took more time to shame the symbols, monuments and holidays celebrating the groups and people who perpetrated atrocities and fought to enslave others, I wouldn’t have the president I have now. I wouldn’t have an Flist begging for civility, or claiming both sides are at fault why can’t we all just respect each other–it’s our history, it must be preserved!

That’s Balls. You’re talking about honoring it and I refuse to tolerate that.

Confederate history exists in cemeteries, history books, and in museums; that flag and those statues of Confederate generals and leaders? They’re all on the wrong side of history and by no means deserve a place in any town square. I’m sorry, there’s good history and bad, and our country seems to think that all forms of preservation are created equal.