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Holiday Fatigue

The holidays were fun. I got plenty o’ cool shit.

A new ushanka (white), a glass head to put it on in my closet, a foot spa unit, a beautifully bound edition of the Iliad and the Odyssey (thanks Barnes and Noble for still putting these holiday-bound books out), and a new leather-bound journal to take the place of my finished old one (second-half of life journal begins 1/1).

Spouse and I spent lazy time watching Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, a show more about the history and present life of the people that produce the food—over the actual food. Why this show is on CNN boggles my mind, it would be a better fit on H2.

Compensated for my ghost-scripting gig, spent the morning paying off bills accumulated over the holiday (presents and the new closet), and set aside money for taxes (freelancing can be a bitch). I put money aside for a new AC unit, new doors for the house, and socked away a portion of the remainder to my savings accounts (it dipped under the minimum threshold that keeps me sane).

I was left with $1,500 to call my own, and I planned to use it on acquiring a newer model Fiat. The problem is that the model I want isn’t coming out until spring of 2015—I’m not upgrading to the same model I have now. Spouse and I decided to use the cash for a weekend to Vegas for my birthday. A friend on Twitter went recently and took a bunch of pics of Caesars Palace hotel, I loved them! That’s where we’re going. It was a tough decision, because I’m notoriously cheap and hate spending money on experiences that I can’t hold in my hands. For round-trip flight, 2 nights room, and a rental car (we’re going to visit spouses dad while there), I paid $926.55 I’m going to eat like crazy!

The final novel of my series is still in limbo; I’ve made it as far as the final action sequence that will decide the fate of all my central characters, naturally I’ve stepped away from it because that’s what I do, I fail in epic and glorious ways when it’s inconvenient. =_=; I’ve been using my creative energy to clean up the series bible. Fixing continuity errors, rewriting some tech, fleshing out cultural details, and touching base with my editor-on-demand.

We’re formulating a plan to acquire an agent, it’s so difficult to capture one in the wild…

I’ve been forced to spend the first weekend of the year at Ikkicon. It was not my intent to attend the con, but my nineteen year old son was informed by Marriott downtown (he had to get a room there because the con hotel sold out) that he needs someone over 21 or he can’t stay there. It’s the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard, and it’s not Texas law—it’s the Marriott’s way of keeping young people “off 6th Street” a section of Austin loaded with clubs and bars. What manager is so fucking stupid that they think I believe they’re dumb enough to feel that 21 is an age human-beings begin “drinking responsibly”? This has nothing to do with your morals, Marriott manager; this is about you being able to legally prosecute (or charge out the nose) to the fullest extent, should a drunk 21-and older, trash their room. Stop trying to tell me it’s because you care about a minor’s well-being, that’s a lie. You care only about the boundaries of what you can collect via litigation, should the need arise.

Another thing bothering me is, how did Ikkicon not realize that their hotel choice would severely limit con-goers under the age of 21, from being able to procure a room for the con? Or maybe they did… 0_0

So I’ll be in Austin the first weekend of January, Vegas the second weekend of January, then we have an Indian wedding reception to attend the third weekend of January.

In between I’ll be kicking my own ass into finishing up the final novel, or emotionally die trying.