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Writing Again…

When things died down, I got back to working on the series bible, and found an agent prospect that’s rekindled my muse.

The Fifth novel in the Subversive Humanitarianismseries is called ‘Subversive Humanitarianism’, and it’s about Fuzo Dox (the Marix on the right) still carrying a torch for her first love Tavo Ex (the Subak in the middle). Fuzo discovers that Tavo is wanted by the Terminal Sabotage Division for Subversive Humanitarianism–she’s out there between the poles, making trouble while helping this band of humans get by.  Assigned to hunt her down is Styba Balru (the Marix on the left).  Fuzo’s torn because she still loves Tavo and wants to save her– but Fuzo and Styba have a complicated history; they’d bonded in their teens only to be divided at their Final Trial (Styba had knocked Fuzo out during their Final Trial, but didn’t finish her while she was down. Fuzo woke later, when Styba the last one standing, and almost took her out–Fuzo lost that day, but she also took away Styba’s chance to be the last one standing at her Final Trial).

I know… what’s a Final Trial? What’s a Marixi? Who’s Tavo? Why are they all female?

My novel series is about a polar race in the 23rd century known as Femmar. They’re a single-gender species, and they’re genetically divided by castes (Hizak – thinkers, Bizak – laborers, Zaxir – gestational carriers, Subak – nurturers, and Marix are the warriors).

I wrote the first draft of Subversive Humanitarianism over the summer, and I’m extremely happy with it. It was nice visiting it again, but I’m not ready to begin revising it…

Artwork by Amelie Belcher.