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When Stephen King Doesn’t Write Horror

Good Marriage is the second film based on the stories from the Full Dark No Stars collection-I read this collection and not once got the impression that it was a collection of horror stories. It has some great stories in it, but critics stating that this movie isn’t ‘horror enough’ need to read the fucking book. Jesus Christ. I’d hate to be that writer that branches out from what she’s known for, and have her work get slammed for not being what she’s known for.

These stories aren’t horror, they’re suspense, thrillers, true-crime. The only one remotely close to being a horror is Fair Extension. The short 1922 was more psychological, but it seemed out of place to me, mainly because the women’s stories in Good Marriage and Big Driver were so reminiscent of Gerald’s Game and Dolores Claiborne; we have women in trouble forced to examine the choices they’ve made in life because a traumatic event brings out the best or worst in them.


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