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The Polack is Strong in This One

One of these days I will master the whole ‘schedule post’ thing.
My 8 am post was planned for an 8 pm release.

My work schedule takes up so much of my day that I’ve fallen behind on edits of the second novel. I’ve turned to using what little time I have in the evenings, to work on grammar and link fixes in the Series Bible. It’s not a waste since the Bible will be available free to readers–but if I want to make my December 2017 series debut deadline, I need to hustle.

Horror movie stuff…

Shudder (if you do not have this on the Roku/Hulu, you should) plays a stream of modern and classic horror from all over the world. I’ve been getting my 70’s on with its list of old-school films that remain the pure shit they were when I saw them as a child. Shit-addict that I am, I watch late into the evening when I’m supposed to be asleep.


I’m a horror fanatic–though I do have triggers.

I can watch Devil’s Rejects and other films where man’s inhumanity to man is the horror of the movie–but there are films I steer clear of because I’ve seen and experienced violence similar to it, and I can’t watch for fear of it taking me back to the past. I want to say this though, before I get lost in the ramble: no subject should be avoided by any creator for fear of triggering others. Wasn’t it Rob Zombie who said ‘Art isn’t Safe’? 

The German film Nothing Bad Can Happen is a movie I will not watch because the abuse and humiliation of someone too fragile to know when to run, is on par with reality films depicting the abuse of a dog or a cat.

Another is the Snowtown Murders, and my refusal to watch that one stymies the spouse because I’ve sat through A Serbian Film, and every incarnation of Hostel and loved it. My refusal to watch Snowtown revolves around the violence the antagonist adult coerces the teen to carry out upon innocent members of society; I’ve seen that shit firsthand and I can tell you that looking back on what I’ve seen is terrifying and soul-crushing. Mind you, I sat through (and read through) The Girl Next Door, so I know what guilt over being the silent witness to abuse can do.

I’m a lover of violent horror, I admit this, but the dynamic of group violence against a weaker person who’s only crime is not being as intelligent, agile, street-hardened, or in many cases, trying too hard to fit in, that get’s me where I live. I can watch a woman raped and killed or a dude victimized, maimed, and murdered by a psychopath. The one thing most victims in horror films have in common is that they’re like us; barring a few trope-ish personality flaws, they’re productive members of society in the wrong place at the wrong time. When I see physically vulnerable or emotionally impaired members of society, being victimized by an alpha and his flock/family of fucktards, that’s a big NO for me.

On a lighter note, I have become a huge fan of Oz Perkins.

Oz is one of the few men out there making women’s horror that doesn’t put me off. It’s a fine line to walk writing and directing woman’s inhumanity to woman–but it’s a theme I love as long as it doesn’t involve abusive mothers torturing their daughters. No, I will not watch The Afflicted, I’m familiar with the Theresa Knorr case as a fan of real crime subjects, and that woman enrages me in ways best not mentioned. If you haven’t checked out his work, you should. Not his acting gigs, but his horror films.

See you next Sunday.