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New Look, Same TV

I changed the theme of this blog, capping it with a brilliant black-and-white photo by underwater photographer Alex Suh. Found it on a wallpaper site, and fell in love with it. What hasn’t changed are my monthly thoughts on TV.

I’ve given the sci-fi show Colony a second chance. If they had started the series with the first episode of season two, I wouldn’t have given up on it so soon. Naturally, the show’s appeal is less about ‘the aliens’ and more about the power balance between those that follow the oppressor, and those that fight. It’s a theme I suspect will be popular for the next four years. >_>

ivarThe Vikings show continues to be awesome. Ivar is the prince of throwing shade and still, has the best lines. I didn’t expect him to end Sigurd the way he did; the look on his face suggested that he hadn’t intended it either. Next season’s going to be interesting. I suspect it will begin years later, with only Ubba and Ivar in Britain, and Bjorn and Hvitsark tooling around the Italian coast. If memory serves, only Ubba ended up sparring with Alfred the Great; Al got the better of him because Ubba was no strategist. Ivar is rumored to have gone to Ireland. What will Lagertha do with Harald Finehair? Finehair went on to become the King of Kings in Scandinavia–but this is a Hirst production; history is what he says it is.  Will she marry him (kill him another year), or will she be killed so that he comes into his own?

1200.jpgI’m digging Taboo, and not just for Tom Hardy. Delany’s social circle is an interesting one, and so far, the show’s been damn good. Disappointed in the last ep, though; rape is a plot device I could do without. Yes, I know it existed, I know its exists, women think about it way more than the average straight man; I just believe there are better dramatic tropes to explore than the weak shit that’s been done to death. Another show featuring ::mixed-race man against historical big white business:: is Frontier. It lacks the supernatural angle and the gritty gender imbalance that defines Taboo; it’s more socially antiseptic (there’s plenty of blood, fighting, and racism) but women fare better in Frontier, and it’s more ensemble-driven than Taboo. My spouse was shocked to learn that the Hudson Bay Company was still around, from Saks Fifth Avenue to Shop Rite. East India (the baddies in Taboo) not so much. Hudson Bay spurred the extinction of many animals in northern North America and displaced thousands of First Nation peoples, but East India was the definition of corporate-led destructive colonialism (is there any other kind?). If the East India Company were forced to compensate cultures for heinous abuses, China and India would be first on a list of many. I hear folks talk about East India’s positive impacts – but fuck that. How do you say, with a straight face, that the advent of civil-service and Earl Grey Tea cancels out the planned exploitative agriculture that led to tens of thousands of Indian’s, and Chinese, dying of starvation?


The Expanse is still kicking ass with me. The diversity of the cast, and the role of women in the series, it’s like the space-opera made a comeback when I wasn’t looking. The show I want to see and hope doesn’t fail me the way Lucifer did, is Legion (loved this character in the comics).

On that note, carchienew.jpgan I take a moment to roll my eyes at the out of touch response from Boomer’s regarding Riverdale? The Archie comics have been edgy for years, they became the 90210 of comics because the publisher wanted the girls reading manga and YA Novels, to spend money on their comics. It wasn’t a bad thing, we have diverse characters, and storylines representative of situations millennials and teens go through, today. Archie hasn’t been Boomer-teen 60’s oriented since 2010. The pearl clutching over Riverdale’s “reimagined world” just goes to show that most Boomer’s haven’t picked up an Archie graphic novel, in decades. You got your MAGA, but we got your Archie.