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Perfect Storm of Fuck.

A few things are conspiring to wear me down right now, going into December.

The first is that I’m getting over an illness that sidelined me for two weeks.

The second is that it’s so warm here that it’s messing with my winter-spirit.

The third is that I’ve taken a fifth person into my home, and they (my son and his girlfriend) haven’t stepped up physically to handle the increase in chores (laundry, dishes, litterbox) without being asked to do so. They’re both 18, if you see something that needs doing, do it. He has stepped up financially–so that’s a silver lining.

Fourth is that I’m not going to finish the final novel in my series by the December 1st deadline I set for myself—on top of that, I feel like the project is stalled creatively and editorially, because I no longer have a publisher for it.

Number five is money, of course, because that’s always an issue these days. My savings has dwindled down again, to the 5k mark. I had built it back up after it took a hit at the start of the year due to my health issues.  I refuse to be in debt, and I refuse to have a balance on any credit card–this means my cash flow gets hammered, and messes with my mind.

The Sixth thing on my mind is that for the first year ever, my print sales have gone down enough to concern me. I’m out of Only Words, and print sales for Games with Me and Loud Snow have slumped. Even digital sales have dipped, mainly because I don’t have the time or energy to reformat three graphics novels for whatever new platform eReaders wish to take.

Seventh is sort of a non-issue, but fuck you DC Comics for Wonder Woman #36.