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catyoApologies to everyone that follows this blog for my Sunday posts.

All my free time is spent editing and writing non-stop to get my series ready for its launch on December 31. I post sporadically to my production blog at when I’m on my computer and will snap a photo or two on Instagram when away from the keyboard to do things like cook, eat, or to thaw out from the AC on the deck I worked so hard to refinish. I’m missing so much TV, so many movies, so much beach and ocean, so much of my spouse’s penis–you have no idea how that pains me!

damnyoI will be back to regular blogging after August.

I will say a few words right now though on why I love July in this part of Pennsylvania. Mid-July and onward, the cottonwood trees begin their mating season, filling the wind with white colored balls of downy fuzz. The corn knocked itself up and is now tall enough to produce, its long blades of green brilliance make such a fantastic noise when the wind forces its way through the stalks.

I’m glad I returned to Pennsylvania, and I will be back to this blog when my damn edits are finished.