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There’s a Fog Bank Out There.

Snow and revisions make me the proverbial ship in a bottle. I’ve so much TV to catch up on that it’s scary. I did employ some backup noise in the form of CSI reruns, and it’s a guilty pleasure because that Miami show is pure shit. I can’t stop caring about Callie and Eric. Damn you CSI! Spouse and I did catch up, post-sex, with Amazon Prime’s Pilot Season; we checked out Oasis. I liked it, but the spouse is on the fence.

I locked up my twitter account because some of the executive staff at the production company think it’s okay to follow my twitter. I have some strange pursuits that do not warrant exposure to people that determine my employment. BL manga, gay comics, guro horror, true crime, pegging, and retro advertising. I will not be judged because I love to point and laugh at cookbooks from the 70’s. 0_0

The spouse’s birthday was yesterday and I anticipate this time of year because I tend to get sex without having to plan (or ask) for it. Good times all around.

Here’s to another week of words.