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New Job & New Television

Last month, I started a new writing job.

I telecommute, ghost-scripting hack of course, churning out shoot-ready scripts for a show that’s now into it’s third season. This job is a keyboarding meat grinder. We live in the era of the 13-hour movie. (It pays well, I’m not complaining, binge-watch, please!) I do see that writing for a streaming-series, takes its toll on the showrunner. Even with writers like me doing the structural grunt work, the task of preparing a series, in its semi-polished entirety, is intimidating. In this new age of production, the position of script-preparation-drone, is a 1099-ghost.

I’m okay with being barred from creative credit, as I’m coded in the payroll as admin assistant, paid by the production company. On my last show, I (and four others) were handed a prose story, and told to adapt it to something the director could review, with the talent. Asking me to creatively present your story to performable format, then telling me it’s ghost, with no credit but high pay, is sort of a bummer. It robbed me of my creativity, and since I was working on something I hated, it robbed me of my desire to create. I know my old boss reads this, and I want to say that the show is good, it has its audience, I’m just not part of that audience. 0_0 On this new production, I’m not being creative per se, and this helps. I’m a cog in the creative stream. Instead of resenting this, I’ve come to desire it. I work mornings, so I can take breaks, and search the net for cool writerly things to read, and then share them on Twitter. I work with three other writers on this job, I’m on a team, and that helps. Afternoons, I dedicate to my own writing.

Sunday is for blogging, that’s the condition I’ve set for myself.

So what’s on TV? New schtuff!

Westworld, what I saw of it, was enjoyable. Unfortunately, I don’t have HBO, and only caught the first three episodes–not subscribing to HBO, will wait for Amazon, or Sling, to the show, a la carte. As I wait for my favorite scifi shows to come back, the horror crop on TV was done well this year.


I’ve gotten addicted to SyFy again (they’ve invested in Canada, and now we’ve a slew of cool new shows to watch). Van Helsing‘s good, despite being somewhat trope-y, and Channel Zero is downright creepy. I’m not as weirded out by the Tooth-Child, as I am the freakin’ Skeleton-Puppet!  American Horror Story was solid this year, until the last episode. I get the message of this season though: reality content entertains, sure, but it will always leave you disappointed, because there’s no easy way to end it. The Strain was a labor, having read the books, I wasn’t truly entertained because I knew what was coming.

Walking Dead remains consistent in straying from the published material.


On the subject – CAN WE STOP WITH ALL THE NEGAN LOVE? This fan adoration for Negan is not cool. This man is a bully, a rapist, a murderer, and a sexist pig. He’s no redeeming qualities whatsoever… (looks at presidential election) …of crap, this is the America I live in.

Supernatural, since writer Dabb took over as showrunner, has come back strong.  I saw his name in the credits many times last season, and that season was great (despite the whole Chuck thing…). This season has been steadily entertaining, and while we didn’t get the Golem back yet, Dean killing Hitler, kinda rocked.


I did watch Luke Cage, but I was never a fan of the character, or his series–and though it entertained me, I lost interest after Cottonmouth was killed. :/ Spouse finished it, he loved it. I lost interest in Daredevil with season 2, so I’m hoping Jessica Jones doesn’t let me down. I’m praying that Legion holds my interest, though I know Patrick Stewart will never be on the show. The Man in the High Castle doesn’t come back until December, and I’m waiting for the final-season of Grimm.

I’ve read ZERO books this month. Last month I caught up on some old creepers, but my editing schedule, (and process), hasn’t allowed for me to grab the kindle, and lose myself.