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Summer Hiatus?

editsI’d like my readers to know that I’ll be taking a blogging hiatus starting Monday.

After acquiring feedback on an early draft of the second novel in the Femitokon series, I learned that the book needs a stronger focus on plot and better characterization overall. It does not stand up to the debut novel, and so must be rewritten.

I work on my own material in the evenings and on weekends but I can edit while connected to the internet; I cannot “write” and remain connected to the internet.

My series begins at Patreon on the last day of December, so I need to hustle and get as much of it ready for prime time as possible; my goal is to have four of the novels ready for release in serial installments, while I complete edits on the rest.

When I’m done repairing this book, I will be back, and hope you’re still here to read.