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Pain and Donuts

There are days when I cannot figure out what I’m doing with my life.

I’m tempted to leave it at that, but I swore to blog every Sunday, so that’s what’s I’m going to do. My arthritis is acting up (it’s my first real spring in twenty plus years), so my daily keyboarding takes its toll. I’m taking an epic fuck ton of Advil and soaking nightly–when the day’s done I cannot get back on the computer to edit my own shit because this makes the pain worse.

My project languishes, and guilt materializes in the form of self-doubt, and an all-encompassing lethargy unfixed by even the bingiest of UK/Euro period procedurals. I require something sweet to shove in my face right now (this is how one abuses food, in case you’re curious) and I’ll be cutting this blog post short to make that happen.


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