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Pushing 50

I almost neglected to blog today. I turned 46 yesterday and felt weird about it.

Not blushing, that’s rosacea. Not holding my breath either, I have thicker cheeks than I do lips.

After seeing some nasty crap on Facebook, I got some uglier shit over on Tumblr. It was nothing I couldn’t handle, but it came as I was feeling unproductive with my writing. I was asked anonymously of course, why I continued to keep an Amazon Author page, when I haven’t “bothered” to release any comics, in years. I’m working on something not ready for release. Sorry. I’m slow.

Abandoned the net, and turned to television. Still enjoying ShudderTV, but I’m burned out on Giallo this month after seeing a few features that reminded me of why I stopped watching after I learned to masturbate. Euphoric that I bucked up and got the AcornTV subscription, the documentaries are excellent, even if they bore my family shitless. Keeping up with Vikings, too. Found myself shipping Ivar and Lagertha…you didn’t hear that from me, BTW. Watched Death Comes to Pemberley, and remembered why I disliked Pride and Prejudice so much!

Time to get off of here and watch Elementary with my spouse.


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