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It’s 2017

It’s ten in the morning. I sit at my keyboard desperate for something to remember me by.

I closed the Gyno Ink blog today. I don’t produce my own comics or novels anymore, I don’t attend conventions, or collect sales from my digital graphic novels–so the site turned obsolete.  I migrated one page from the site, my fan-comics catalog. I missed those days when I was friends with the artists I worked with–because we loved the same shows and comics. It all went to shit when we turned pro. I became a raging asshole interested in selling my own work, leaving behind artists I cared about or alienating them with my crap behavior. My biggest regret is letting down one of the artists personally, and killing her creative drive. It’s unfortunate because she’s a brilliant comic-maker, and she doesn’t do it anymore.

Yes, I start the new year kicking myself because that’s what people who aren’t wrapped too tight, do.

My plans for the day are to binge watch British royal women documentaries on AcornTV, fold some clothes, and give my injured foot a much-needed rest.  New writing schedule at work begins tomorrow, as does my physical therapy and workout regiment, and the new diet (don’t worry–not a weight loss thing, my thyroids acting bonkers again, so I need to adjust portions to compensate). Revisions for my own series truck on, with strict scheduling to start tomorrow. The series releases this year, and I’ve decided to go the Patreon route.

Here’s to a new year…


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