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Jeans and Laziness

The youngest (the one still living at home) is addicted to second-hand shopping. If there’s a consignment shop or Goodwill within ten miles, Mag’s there, buying things. I accompanied them last week to a local Goodwill where I found a pair of old-school Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. I’ve nothing against denim, I love it, but these days you can’t find a pair that doesn’t cling to your calves like a second skin. Ugh. I don’t do skinny-jeans or reasonable facsimiles of skinny jeans. I’m also no fan of décor on the back pockets. Explain to me why men’s jeans don’t have elaborate designs stitched onto the back pockets? You’ll be hard put to find a pair of women’s jeans with plain pockets because the culture of LOOK AT MY ASS IN THESE PANTS has been around since baby-boomers decided denim was cool. The jeans I found not only had plain pockets, but they had normal legs, and they were a size 16! It was like Hanukkah came early. Bought them, brought them home, and washed them. Pulling them from the dryer, I notice there was a tag inside on the waistband that read, ‘Amanda’.  Thanks, Amanda, your loss is my gain.

On the subject, of gaining, I’ve fallen off the exercise wagon in no part due to my work schedule. My thyroid went crazy again, and I have been feeling sluggish, but it’s not the thyroid’s fault either. It’s pure laziness and active avoidance, on my part. I’ve knuckled down, buried myself in revisions, and have been absorbed in using my free time to finish the books I’m writing. I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions, and the goal is to launch Femitokon in 2018, so I need to stay on track with edits and rewrites in 2017.

Did want to mention to those that care: yes I’ve seen Yuri on Ice. No I’m not fangirling over it, but I do enjoy it–the dub is awesome. If you haven’t seen it, splurge on the Funimation app via Roku ($8 or something, I think) and check it out. It’s not about the genre of yuri, it’s a BL-theme anime about an ice-skater named Yuri.

I’ve been unable to watch much TV this week, but noticed the copious amounts of Giallo offered up on Shudder this month. Some oldies I remember from my youth still have me scratching my head. Remember What Have You Done to Solange? I recall seeing this movie and thinking, wow–abortion can be really fucked up–I grew up of course, and now think, wow—this is what happen when young women have no access to proper doctors. One thought that hasn’t changed with age is, wow–so it’s okay for older dudes to fuck you when you’re in high-school. That’s the message the film puts out there: abortion is bad, but an older man macking on you is okay (just don’t get pregnant, bitch). Thanks, Italy. Noticed a lot of Argento films in the mix this month, and this makes me sad. I loved Suspiria and Inferno, absolutely hated The Mother of Tears. >_< I’ve been told to revisit it, so I won’t.

Tomorrow is the big day. Will the electoral college do the right thing? I mentioned over at Twitter (no one saw it/cared to reply) what artistic themes will come from Trump’s America. I predict the horror, sci-fi, and YA, will offer up a bevy of subjects aimed at a woman’s place in the world. We’ve already got a Handmaid’s Tale revival on Hulu.


I noticed a lot of women are opting out, since the Women’s March didn’t get the day of the Inauguration, for a permit to march. Don’t do this. It doesn’t have to be a protest against Trump. It’s about reminding the country, and ourselves, that we need to come together. I know how fractured we are as a movement; there’s too many bigots (when you say WOC problems aren’t your problems, you’re a bigot), and ‘phobes (transwomen are women!), in positions of power in the feminist movement, and that needs to change. We need unity, and positivity. Considering attending, and if not, consider supporting.


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