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If You Can Dodge a Manuscript, You Can Dodge a Ball…

My writing for pay job revealed a new problem today. It’s nothing related to content; it’s 100% managerial. I won’t blog details, certain my supervising producer reads my blog, I’d rather keep this job. My co-writing compatriots on this project, ranging from veteran to noob, shared similar emotions over the state of our inboxes this morning. The collective impression: Let’s hope he doesn’t do that again…

It’s amazing what blockades I indulge create, to avoid revising a troublesome manuscript.

Revisions on Holodomor were sidetracked, not because a misguided email turned my brain to mush. The correspondence was read, mocked within the CC-clutch it had been sent to, and deleted, all within 30 minutes. After that, I decided to hit Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, just to ‘take a break’. The break then turned into meatball making, sauce in the crockpot, (no housecleaning or office-rearrangement, the usual go-to-dodge’s for hobby writers—I’m a professional!) A 10-minute punching bag session, then a stair-stepper workout while watching a Laverne & Shirley rerun, brought me to LUNCH.

It’s 1:00 pm, eastern, and I’m at the computer again.  I hinted on Facebook about my email this morning, then did this silly 3 Fictional Characters meme. Word is opened, the manuscript ready.

1:30 – I’m blogging about my ‘revisions day’, a day that continues on, without revisions.


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