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Hectic Times

Life is super crazy these days.

The series remains un-shopped because I’ve been trying to clean up the bible, whilst getting my kid enrolled in college, selling my house, acquiring a rental, and finishing up paid writing gigs I took on to avoid using a credit-card, when we move back to Pennsylvania.

Last we spoke, I set about dullifying the house for a quick sale. I’m not a beige person, so it was rough, but worth it. We got a 200k cash offer on the house, after just five days on the market. The plan is to close on June 29, and that means I need to find us a rental, for a July 1 move in. Spouse and I butted heads about buying a new home. We’re a hair close to being empty nesters (oldest move out and has place of his own, FT job, a life), and youngest is going to college in the fall. We love historic homes, but he’s 50, and I’m almost 50, and I’m not down with more house and yard maintenance.  We both agree that a condo, or townhome, might be nice–but spouse is keen on having NO neighbors, and would like to return to the woods. I’d prefer metro. The truth is, I can write anywhere, so long as I have private space to do so. Spouse’s job is software, large accounts, high stress. I feel that his habitation needs trump mine, so we’re going to go with what he wants.

He’s managed to find a cabin (I hate log cabins!) outside of Birdsboro. It’s isolated, but in driving distance to pretty much anything we might need. It’s updated, has vintage appliances (love vintage appliances–it’s the only reason I even considered this place) It’s got acres, woods, and detached office space for me to write, a loft studio for Mag to art, and a woodshop and garage for the spouse. It’s a rental, the price is affordable, and it’s close to Lancaster, where the Mag is going to college.  It’s a win-win because it has 3 beds and 3 baths, so when oldest visits, he has a place to sleep.

Now I’m saddled with getting a survey of our sold property, and get the inspection done by our buyers, all within the next two weeks.  We’ve a wedding this weekend to attend, out of town. It’s one thing after another–all conspiring to limit the amount of time I have to clean up this series-bible, for presentation to an agent.


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