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One Night…

February hasn’t ended well for me.

I missed my submission deadline for Suffocation, because of a nasty case of rotary-cuff syndrome (if you’re a writer, you know what this is), the doc says no keyboarding until Monday (it’s been two weeks and no computer for me). The pain comes and goes now, advil and copious amounts of water – the only things that worked. I cannot take Aleve, because I take thyroid hormone—rapid release painkillers fail in the face of synthroid. Come to think of it, my dentist always asked about my dosage; he has to adjust his Novocain because of it.

I missed out on scooping up some post-Valentine’s day chocolate sales on the 15th (due to our tuxedo cat getting sick—we spent the day at the vet). I also gave up my dream of being a barista—the hours offered couldn’t be reconciled against my writing schedule. On the PT job front, I’m good with money, but banking hours won’t afford me writing-time either. I’m looking for a part-time (extremely part time) vault-cash handling position—but finding one that works afternoons and nights, may be impossible.

Vikings is back on TV! Last night’s ep was rough; it hurt seeing Floki’s kiddo die, but I’m still on the fence about his murdering Athelstan. He did it for himself—not Ragnar! It’s also hilarious watching Rollo slowly because the Duke of Orleans. He’s trying so hard—but we all know Rollo’s history in France, so it should be fun. It’s interesting watching Udda and Ivar as children this season, after watching ‘The Last Kingdom’ on BBC-America; the two were adults in that series, leading the Great Heathen War.

Introduced spouse to Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries! He loves them of course, just like he loves Murdoch Mysteries—which is airing new eps in the states, as the Artful Detective.  Speaking of old-school things – check out this Twitter find:


Yup, 0__0 Clever photoshop, but cool all the same.


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