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Mag and I are gearing up for February 15, the day when all those heart shaped box chocolates go 70-90% off at the local drug and grocery stores. It’s been a tradition of ours to raid the seasonal aisle the day after Valentine’s Day.

Revisions deadline is Friday, naturally I’ve been doing nothing in the way of revisions—and will now have to destroy myself tonight, in finishing this book.  0_0

My son’s girlfriend got a job! I’m excited for them, he seems to be doing well at DQ—and I hope she does well at Walmart. Soon they’ll have enough for the pet deposit, and we can stop fostering her cat. It’s a lovely cat, friendly and kind—but it’s one cat too many (we have two already) so there’s been some territorial issues.  She’s also prone to overeating, and pukes up freshly eaten food on my tile floor. So yeah, I’m ready for her to go back with her mom.

I’ve been digging The Expanse. The finale was great, but I do hate that networks these days make micro-seasons of debut shows, just in case the show is a flop. :/ I get it, I just don’t like it. I’m not watching Outsiders—I could give two shits about ultra-rednecks from Kentucky. I’d rather watch reruns of Justified, thanks.  War and Peace is running on the History Channel—wow, Paul Dano is amazing. Not much to look at, but amazing nonetheless.  I’ve been thoroughly digging the X-Files return, though I felt the first episode was a bit shaky. The Blacklist fell into the ‘pro-birth’ trap last week, and that’s disappointing. Given all that’s happened and will happen to Liz, terminating the pregnancy is the only logical option—considering she doesn’t want a baby. Unfortunately, Lizzie’s being written for television, and losing sponsors matter more than depicting real-life; she’s going to carry her baby to term, and put it up for adoption. >_> Makes total sense, given the dangerous life she’s living, that her only option is adoption.


Image stolen from an article comparing the two–but the comparison was based purely on the adaptations authenticity against Doyle’s original vision.  I could give a rats ass about his original vision, and neither does anyone else in America. Yes, pearls before swine…

I’ve been binging reruns of Elementary. I caught the new episode of Sherlock too, and rewatched that series recently in anticipation for the new season run in the states. I prefer Jonny Lee Miller to Benedict Cumberbatch–but I like Martin Freeman and Lucy Lui about the same. I know people like to claim Elementary doesn’t live up to Doyle’s vision–but ratings don’t lie–Sherlock doesn’t do as well with audiences here in the America’s (the show is popular in Canada, and South America) as Sherlock does–even with it’s modern setting. Elementary is an unapologetically American procedural, and they’ve ditched elements of Doyle’s narrative that don’t work stateside; Moriarty being the first to come to mind. Moriarty as master nemesis plays out great on Sherlock in the UK (given Davies love of homoseuxal subtext, female fans adore it). Their rivalry and intricate cat-and-mouse is a very British thing, one that American’s don’t always take to (it’s why the James Bond franchise doesn’t do as well as the Bourne films, with my generation of American’s). Give us a cop show with interesting people we care about; Joan Watson doesn’t have to be a veteran for me to care about her–she’s been through some shit, we know this–but it’s uniquely American shit that most women in the audience can relate too. It just works, more so than making John Watson’s wife an ex-operative, just to give female fans of action/intrigue, someone to root for. >_>

I’ve been called in for fingerprinting by the IRS – a prerequisite to being hired. I’m torn though. I’m only working for a little extra cash. I don’t need a job to pay bills or anything. This job will end up like the banking jobs I’ve taken in the past—starting out trivial, but then hours get increased—my stress levels rise, and I have no time to write. Since we’re moving in June, I wanted a job wherein I could learn something (a personal growth sort of job). I’d love to be a barista. I don’t think Starbucks would let me intern though—they’re the closest thing to a coffee shop this town has. 0_o I wonder if I could just walk in, and ask if they’d be willing to teach me? LOL!


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