45 and Counting

On New Year’s Day I woke with a massive nose bleed.

I turned my head and felt what I thought was snot, running from nose.  Opening my eyes, I discovered Jazzy (our Tuxedo cat) sitting there, staring at me. I got out of bed, and trucked my ass to the bathroom to blow my nose (I refuse to use my sleeve!) My chest and sleeve were covered in red. LOL!  Interesting way to begin the new year.

My oldest moved out, giving me a writing/yoga room. Good times. Also on the family front, the other teen has been on Pristiq for over four months. It’s like night and day. The new medication, on top of eliminating certain online areas, has done wonders for them. I feel like I have my teenager back. Speaking of net, my December internet usage is through the roof – I go to look at new homes (we’re moving in June, back to PA) and end up tooling around on Facebook. =_=; So evil. Tumblr and Twitter remain good distractions, because I follow only writerly things at each.

Final edits finished on Suffocation – it’s in the hands of a fresh set of eyes, because I think my editor and I are too mentally invested. Cleaning up the bibles Timeline entries, and began revising the first draft of Holodomor.

Writing is typically interrupted by the queen of the house – Lee Sama.



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