December Deadlines

December’s been mondo hectic.

The oldest moved out on the 22nd, and we helped him move–up three flights of stairs. I’m too old for this shit. 0_0

I’m eight days past my set deadline for the final edits of Suffocation. The DUE or DIE date is the 28th.

I’m back to running/fast-walking (depends on how I feel before I start) and thanks to being monitored by a FitBit, I’ve been burning more calories than I eat—not easy when you’re a writer.

I’ve got so much sci-fi DVR’d, it’s not funny. I’m missing a ton of horror films on Netflix I need to see.

Be back in January.


4 thoughts on “December Deadlines”

  1. Hi Tina, I stumbled upon some of your works and liked your stuff. I am curious do you ever consider story ideas from other people, or is that too fraught with legal issues over copy rights etc?

  2. I used to write fan comics back in the day–my own plots featuring characters created by others, and I’ve ghostwritten for showrunners before (their ideas, with my dialog and scripting). Is that what you mean? 🙂

    If you’re speaking of my comics work, I didn’t draw those, I wrote them–and yes, I’ve written web comics for artists with lots of characters but nothing for them to say. 🙂

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