Old and Alone…

I’ve been without the spouse all week—he’s gone back to Pennsylvania for some corporate thing, and I miss him so much. One of the great things about my spouses company is that every year they bring him back to the mothership during NaNoWriMo.

This allows me to do things I wouldn’t do if he were here:

  • Forget to eat breakfast/lunch/dinner because I’m writing.
  • Miss my favorite TV shows because I’m writing.
  • Stay up past midnight, writing.

Writing without interruption is great, but I have things to do when he’s not here—like take Mag to school in the morning (Texas frowns on missed days due to sleeping in late), taxi Ian to work (boy’s working on getting the driver’s license), and get supplies we run out of from the store  – like bottled water, milk, and food.


Going to see my GYN next month, am not looking forward to it. I’ve entered into what she calls, periomenopause. I haven’t had a uterus in many years, and now the one ovary I have is about to call it quits. I’m well aware of the typical side-effects because I’ve suffered with thyroid issues all my life–but I’ve been lucky to avoid the standard loos of libido (in fact, I got my groove back this year). The biggest culprit for me is being unable to sleep through the night (I take unisome, every damn night so I can sleep), the occasional sore boobs, and the tongue blisters.

I know what you’re saying…tongue what?


At least once a month I now get a sore or blister somewhere on my tongue. Nothing gross and weepy, just a little spec of pain as if I bit it or something. Doc says its hormone levels making me develop food allergies–I say, this is such bullshit. >_< I believe her, but I can’t accept it. I never even heard of that symptom before!



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