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November is for Narcissists

We’re almost mid-way through NaNoWriMo, and I’m going to make the 50k goal—but the novel I’m writing decided to go well beyond that. I held off on today’s prose to get some well-needed crap kicked out of me by the gym. While there, I thought more about my friend’s words: you need to go back to writing short and scary stories. I always wrote erotic things in school (yes, I was that friend!) but more often than not—my stories got gory, or weird. I don’t know why I abandoned the scary stuff when penning comics, but I did write one thing for the genre that’s more horror, than sex.

I got into a discussion with Moog about why I need to stop writing trans characters. They’re right.

I changed the theme over at the Voodoo (they make it so damn easy!) and even put my new BW pic up. I like it, it makes feel authorish. That’s a word, right?


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