Scary Times

My family staged an intervention and asked me to quit working at the credit union.

  • My hours took me out of the house when needed most.
  • I came home stressed most afternoons, and at a time that interfered with when everyone wanted to eat dinner.
  • I began avoiding my revisions because my mornings were compressed and I decided to get other things done instead.
  • The other teen is involved in clubs and taking college classes, and has no means of transport for either, if I’m working.

My spouse reminded me that we have enough cash to move in the spring, and my working now felt pointless. He also admitted that I’m better suited to transition the oldest to his own life.

The boy takes his driver’s test next week – my wish is for him to pass, and then we can get his stupid car by Halloween. He will likely fail on the first try (most people do) and we’ll have to wait until November. He got a full time job (finally!) at the new DQ opening up in Cedar Park. He gave his current boss two weeks’ notice, and his boss was cool enough to extend any extra hours to him if he needed to supplement his income at DQ. The goal is for him to move out on his own by the end of February, so he can move his girlfriend up here and they can be together. >_>

The only setback he faced was that most apartment complexes that are in the $700-800 range are for families on welfare. As a single dude with a full time job earning $12 an hour, he doesn’t qualify for rental assistance. All the other apartments start around $870-990, because this area is seeing explosive growth, and there’s people waiting on their houses to be built/ready. I made the offer again to him, to let me send him to a certification school so he could get better pay out of the service industry, but this would require him to move to PA with us, and return two years later. He said no, he has to get out ASAP, so he can move his girlfriend in and be ‘Happy’. 0_0

The youngest is making some headway (oh the puns!) in their depression. They’ve been off the social-media that was making them toxic, and have since seen a doctor about getting on new medication. The improvement is showing. They’re back in clubs they quit last year, they’re more social and hanging out with friends outside the internet. I have to go in today though, to clear up their missed days at school–Texas is somewhat draconian about students missing school. You saying your child is sick isn’t a ‘state approved excuse’ without a physicians note.

On the writing front, I got an editorial meeting today.


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