DIY Halloween Item

I finally got my hands on the Bethany Lowe “Nevermore” raven.
The bird was impressive—but physically in my grasp, I just wasn’t Gentile enough to spend $80 RETAIL on it.


Instead, I went to At Home and picked myself up a white pumpkin, a raven, and some spiders tucked away in a netting set.



I got out the gorilla glue, wire cutters, printer, and clear-label paper, and made myself a poor-girls version of the ‘Nevermore Raven on a White Pumpkin’.





Shopping WITH At Home, set me back about $15 RETAIL.


Needs more spiders, and I got tuck the sticker. 🙂 

I’m definitely more down with dropping a 20-bill on some DIY décor than I am four 20’s on something that looked cool in the picture, but was sort of a letdown up close.


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