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Labor Day and the Tetrad

Labor Day spent doing nothing in the way of writing. It looks like I won’t be revising anything this week, either. I didn’t want to start doing touch up work on second novel, until I was done with revisions on first, but I might change this stance.

The Hannibal finale, what can I say? It was some great slashfic.


Defiance finale was poignant, and I hope SyFy renews the series despite its slip in ratings last year. The Last Ship remains on my watch list—despite its overdose of heteronormative drama. Its finale made me happy because they finally killed that ridiculous “scientist by Revlon” character. I’ve nothing against beautiful women (I consider myself one) but no sedentary job produces a svelte worker. Give me a break. At least Helix season-one showed us a real virologist—a woman of size, imagine that.

Looking forward to Longmire on Netflix, Fargo on FX, and Z Nation on SyFy. That show grew on me, it hearkens back to Romero films where the horror borders on ridiculous, and human struggle is like watching a drive-by hit and run. I remain with Walking Dead for the drama, but I watch Z Nation for the fun of it. Fear the Walking Dead (aka Bore the Walking Dead) turned me off in just one episode. Racial issues aside, I don’t give a shit, or like anyone, in that central family cast.

I gave up completely on Falling Skies, couldn’t even tell you what happened in the last episode. 0_0

Murdoch Mysteries

My spouse and I are hooked on Murdoch Mysteries. We found this Canadian import on Netflix, and we watched the first three seasons; found the rest of the season for rent on Amazon Prime Video. It’s a little pricey per episode, but we purchase by the season, and so far, we’ve watched up to Season 7. Mag likes it because of its diversity; Victorian film and television tends to ignore people of color, as if they didn’t exist during this era. Well, in North America, they did!

Documentary Now is flipping hilarious. I cannot stop watching it.



We do have the fourth blood moon coming up on September 28 (Sukkoth), what does that mean?

Blood moons come when a total lunar eclipse makes the moon look red-orange; what’s news is that we’ve had four in a two-year period (these are called tetrads), and that won’t happen for another 300 hundred years. Naturally, because they all happen to fall on major Jewish holidays, the Christians are losing their shit, preparing for their Jesus’ return, and crying that the end times are a comin’. For us, the tetrad is a traditional ominous omen; every time there’s been one, Jewish blood is shed in such a massive way, it alters the course of our history–sometimes for good, most times for bad. All the rapture-watch junkie sites catalog the evil things that happen during the tetrad—but like the true narcissists they are, Christians always ends up making such things about them, and their Jesus. Christians are preparing for the end times this Sukkoth—I’m just hoping nothing bad happens to Israel. As much as I despise Netanyahu and his conservative administration, I don’t want anything to happen to anyone living in that region of the world. Do I think the Messiah will finally show up? No, I don’t.


I like my new job, despite the incessant coaching. Yet I’ve been out of social-practice working with the public; the coaching is unavoidable at this point. I’m still on the fence about what to do this time next year; we’ll be ready to move, but will Ian be ready to live on his own? A part of me wants to leave him here and let him try to forge it on his own—this is what he wants. My only issue with this is he’s not going anywhere. He still struggles to find a better paying job, and he hasn’t acquired his driver’s license yet. =_=;


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