August is Over, Yous Guys!


Caught up on Defiance—man, Kindzi… I don’t know if I should hate, or like her. She’s got some serious karma haunting her though. Dark Matter is a show that’s impressed the hell out of me, along with the Last Ship, I love the characters, and I love the action. Quinlan finally showed up on the Strain. It’s about fucking time. >_<

This months list, so far:

  • Mag’s school clothes and books
  • Annual health screening
  • Cats to the Vet for their annual
  • Turn in final edits for final-work on the show
  • Get fall business casual clothes while still in season
  • Fill out new paperwork for the gym
  • Get new frames for back-up glasses
  • Get contacts

Gross – personal things, ahead:

As some of you know, I cannot have high-fructose corn syrup in any way, shape, or form. My digestion was always poor, and after having my kids, it got worse. When my thyroid conked out eight years ago, and my metabolism slowed to a crawl, my intestines went through the wringer. Thyroids regulated, metabolisms recovered substantially (I went from 240 to 200-even, in less than a year). My weights considered normal now for my height and age–but my digestive issues continued.

My gastro-guy figured out that my pancreas stopped processing high-fructose corn syrup, ages ago. Since our government began subsidizing corn for sweeteners and plastics in the mid-80’s, I’d lived on diet of packaged foods and colas. You don’t realize how much of the stuff is out there, until you can’t have it anymore. Liquor in all forms was gone from my life, overnight. No store-bought sweets or snacks, literally every fruit juice on the market had to go, and of course—ZERO sodas—even the diet ones, because Splenda is just imitation high fructose corn syrup. 0_0

I’ve limited my snacking to ‘real-sugar only’ colas, fresh baked sweets, and fruit juices in glass bottles that state they’re made with real sugar only. I noticed that when I cut out food and drink with high fructose corn syrup, nearly all the plastic in my pantry disappeared–if its in plastic or a can, that’s a deal-breaker. Occasionally I stumble. Yesterday afternoon I had some of those Mothers iced-oatmeal cookies. =_=; this morning wasn’t kind. When your pancreas won’t process high fructose corn syrup, the stuff goes right to your intestines, in all its undigested glory. While passing through, it causes cramping, pain, bloat, and eventually comes out of your body as this green (yellow if you’re nasty) gross stuff that sounds hideous when it hits the toilet.

I have to get to the bank, time for real life work.


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