August is Almost Over

In the midst of revisions, and working afternoons at Austin Telco—I’m so far behind on Defiance and that new show, Dark Matter. We’ve got two hours of those shows sitting on the DVR. I gave up on Falling Skies, I just don’t care anymore—my spouse did this with Hannibal, I still love Hannibal. Go figure. Did catch the Last Ship, and The Strain, but haven’t watched Sens8—and need to. Killjoys can keep itself where it’s at, because I’m sick of allegedly empowered women characters, hidden in a mass of cock-wagging sci-fi.

Can anyone tell me where the good horror series’ are? The Strain and Penny Dreadful are good, but is that all that’s out there? I missed last years run of the American Horror Story franchise (yes, at this point its a franchise), and the horror-hotel one isn’t impressing me.

Advised to rekindle my social-media presence, but I’m not keen on Twitter (yes I’m there, but only to keep up with friends and fiction-markets I like) and my Facebook is restricted to family, friends, and online peeps I like. I was posting notes and art to Tumblr, but I hate their image restrictions—so I decided to unlock my creator diary again (my Tumblr shares originate from the Diary). It’s loaded with a ton of Femitokon stuff, because that’s my current world.

August is one of those months where everything must be done, yesterday. My list of August chores is about halfway complete:

  • Mag’s school clothes and books
  • Annual health screening
  • Cats to the Vet for their annual
  • Turn in final edits for final-work on the show
  • Get fall business casual clothes while still in season
  • Fill out new paperwork for the gym
  • Get new frames for back-up glasses
  • Get contacts

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