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Back Into the Workforce

My spouse and I have a set goal for something we want, this time next year.  What funds I have from my writing gig are in the bank for Mag’s college–so I’ve put the breaks on everything month so that I can send out resumes and get a 9 to 5 gig for some fast cash.  The ghost-scripting paid well, but it pays once a year, and frankly, I’ve become a bit demoralized by the direction of the series. They also prefer to keep their writers in Austin, so…

If I can score a job and work, this should allow us plenty of cash to do what we want, in style. I’ve got a real issue with using a credit card for anything other than groceries, gas, and sundry expenses.  I don’t keep a balance, and we’ve been credit card debt-free for quite some time.  I plan to keep it that way, so we’re not digging into Mag’s college fund.

How will this affect my agent search and novel-series? It won’t. The books are done (except for the tenth and final novel), and edits will be complete by summers end on Suffocation. My agent hunt will prevail, I can be anywhere and work on my novels!


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