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Boring Weekends are OK

I ditched the Fiat and bought myself a Kia Soul.

The Kia

The payments are about the same, but it rides quieter (a plus!), has no leather seats, the stereo sounds brilliant, there’s tinted windows, and, most important, I can now taxi three teens at once without seat pulling, or knees in necks. I can also grocery shop for the month (at Costco) without the need for the Dodge Ram.

When told Sunday that my “author web site” wasn’t professional enough, I got annoyed. 0_o it was my polar bear persona, they said. My totem is a bear, and I’m white and love the cold. How can that not be more indicative of ‘Tina Anderson’?


The site’s original header looked ‘too big’ on a laptop, they said. If I insisted on using WordPress free-themes (and yes I do, because I’m not paying for a web presence–I have things to do, like…WRITE), I need to use less pages and posts, and my published work must be front and center. They also suggested I add reviews, but no, my goal isn’t to sell these graphic novels–it’s to have a presence on the web that shows my published work, and how to contact me.

I retooled the site to reflect most of their suggestions – but I don’t like the header, it feels too small. :/

Hannibal debuted last week, and it’s been as amazing. Defiance came back also, and I liked the opener. This week’s Orphan Black was ‘meh’; saved only by Helena’s antics. I don’t care about Siobhan, nor do I care about her signing. Discovering the original donor for projects Castor and Leda was an interesting turn of events, though. I have Dark Matter to watch, and I’m anticipating the return of the Last Ship.

I’ll end on a random note: I begin a new workout cycle at the gym this week, after yoga. We’ll see how it works.


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