Batman’s Voice VS. Superman’s Chest

A part of me is looking forward to this, mainly because Superman has always been misunderstood, and stories where the public adores him, prompting the powers that be to denigrate him, are interesting. Batman has always feared Supes going rogue (its why he keeps kryptonite in his belt of tricks) so I’m looking forward to seeing the origin of that distrust, played out on the screen.

As for being a fan of the series, I don’t want a happy, funny, casual, Justice League. I like those versions, I do--but I can get that in the cartoons (or at CW, if I’m desperate enough). If I’m paying 8$ for a movie ticket, there better be angst, darkness, and people beating each other up with massive explosions, and a shit-ton of real-estate damage!

P.S.  Woe is Batman’s voice. Kevin Conroy never did the ‘McGruff the Crimedog’ shit, so why did Bale, and why is Afleck?  Stop it, please.


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