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Slow Progress.

Revisions for the intro, and Chapters 1-3 were sent to the editor.

I’m reading aloud chapters 4 and 5 this weekend, to hear how they sound, and make any changes I need to. I have until the end of April, so I’m crossing my fingers on getting the Suffocation manuscript fully revised, before shopping for an agent.  Transitioned my studio time updates to Tumblr, connected my Goodreads Author blog to it, because it’s a one-stop shop for updating.

On the home front, I’ve decided to replace my retail-therapy sessions, with trips to the gym.

These past few months, stress from having three teens in my house (two that desperately need to transition to their own lives, but haven’t yet), combined with the internalized frustration regarding my inability to maintain a strict revisions schedule, have led to bouts of retail-therapy. I pride myself on having a sizable savings, and that we’re credit-card debt free. Part of our security comes from me not tapping into the extra funds. Since the end of March, I’ve been leaving the house when stressed, to shop, for little things I don’t need, or things I have plenty of, and could certainly do without. Paying bills this month, I noticed that I tapped my savings to the tune of $300, in less than three-weeks. 0_0

This week, when the urge struck to get out of here and browse the stores, I decided to hit the gym instead. Last night I did an hour of cardio on the elliptical. Came home relieved of annoyance—and without a shopping bag full bras and others things, I don’t need. As evidenced below, I don’t need any more bras:


 For those of you judging the condition of my drawers, don’t—
my family already thinks I’m weird.
I was a Yeoman in the Navy for few years,
my entire world was organization—
places like the Container Store exist
because of ex-Yeoman’s like me. =_=;

Viking’s last night was excellent; I’m fairly certain now that Hirst’s Rollo will become Robert I, of Normandy. That doesn’t bode well for Princess Gisla.

That's Duke of Normandy to you, Bitch.
That’s Duke of Normandy to you, Bitch.

Also, watching Floki finally lose his shit wasn’t pleasant. I liked Floki, it’s a shame he turned into a jackass. There’s a small part of me that wants to see Floki fail now, because he masked his jealousy of Athalstan by killing him in the name of religion. I’m also not looking forward to Ragnar returning to England–only because I know what happened to the real Ragnar, when he did. 😦

OMG, Orphan Black, where are you!!


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