I Would’ve Remained a Slave, for Yul Brynner

This is my Pesach Pose!

Mind you, I don’t buy into the mythology that the Habiru were slaves in Egypt (until Ramses decided to make them so, at the tail end of their stay there). That being said, as an Ivory-Jew (I look more Euro than Jewish) I adored the original film–despite its complete an utter bullshit storyline, and glaring racial bias–not talking white-washing here people–I’m talking about ‘the Good Jew’ effect.  The thing about old Hollywood, when it came to representation of Jewish folks, was that all the good Jewish people were ‘Caucasian-like’; while all the bad Jewish characters, were more ‘Semitic’. Ten Commandments was a perfect example of this — except for Yul Brynner. ^_-

Chag Sameach, to all those faithful. Don’t get food on your haggadah, and don’t get wasted overdoing kaddesh just because the matzahs are too dry–and remember, the maggid is what you make it!  You’re American, so reenact those epic overdone lines from Demille’s Ten Commandments!



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