Falling Behind

At the rate I’m going on revisions for Suffocation, 2015 will not be the year that the Femitokon series gets shopped for publication. The production season starts mid-April for a job I’m writing for, and this will cut into my editorial time.

I can wallow in this by fucking around on social-media (for a lax writer, set backs are always nursed with procrastination and productivity killing—like hanging out with family and friends) or I knuckle down and get back to writing/editing, and have the first damn book ready for an agent read by autumn.

You know, it’s easier to eat a piece of cake, than it is to hit the elliptical machine. 0_o Speaking of, my Monday workout killed me today. I’ve no idea why Monday’s are so hard—I don’t refrain from working out on the weekends (I go Saturdays), so there’s no reason for Monday to be so difficult.

I know…I’m eating WordPress cake, right now…

Walking Dead last night—not only did Noah go out, he went out in the most gruesome way possible—reminding all those survivalist-drama watchers that Walking Dead is a HORROR SHOW! It’s horror people, stop complaining about the gore. You want drama undead? Go watch that Returned garbage. You want teen undead? Go watch iZombie. *shakes head*

Orphan Black cannot return fast enough, and this trailer sums up feminist frustration in a nutshell:


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