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International Woman

…or so they say.

This is the time of year when I’m dead up to my ass, and don’t feel like doing shit, except binge watching new TV, or re-watching old movies I’ve seen. It’s the time of year it’s gray and chilly in Texas (it lasts about three weeks), and going to the gym helps.

I’m behind on my revisions schedule. I was hoping to have Suffocation revised and ready for agent shopping by April (because my ghost-writing gig for the show starts back up again in mid-April) but I don’t think I’m going to make that goal. I’m on Chapters 3 and 4 (reading them out and fixing them up today) and am waiting on editor to send back intro, and Chapters 1 and 2. I’ve not touched the final novel, because I’ve written the first part of it, and feel that there’s too much to it.

All the TV stations have decided that Thursday is the night they’re going to show all the stuff that interests me. Fuckers. There are other days of the week you asshats—USA in particular is annoying, because they show nothing but SVU reruns all week, yet chose to debut the Dig up against Vikings on Thursday. 0_o SyFy is being equally moronic by putting Olympus up against the Black List, also on Thursday.

Speaking of SyFy, Helix is still awesome, but 12 Monkey’s is losing me. I have a feeling that Bitten is going to suck in the same sexist way that the series Ascension did—but I’ll give it a shot–I have NO DESIRE to watch The Returned. Zombies shouldn’t be pretty, or romantic. =_=; I’ve still not re-purchased Chiller. They disappointed me as a station (I get better horror choices from Netflix, and Amazon Prime) and they still have ZERO original content to offer. I like the original movies they chose to do in the past (though some productions were better than others) but I want more original horror from them, before I commit to upgrading my tier just to pick them up.


What else is going on with me? I got new tips for my nails, and my thyroid is behaving.


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