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New Month, All Right!

It isn’t social media that disappoints me, it’s humanity on the internet.

I’m the parent of a non-binary teen, so when someone like Bruce Jenner decides to transition, it unleashes a shit-storm of transphobic fuckery and CIS fueled bullshit. I can’t even begin to fathom what makes religious types conflate gender-identity with being homosexual—or why they even suggest that either is somehow a moral failing? What the fuck is wrong with people? What goes through your mind that you dismiss a person’s very humanity because they don’t live up to the moral standards some imaginary being has allegedly set for you?

I’ve got to remain off social media to protect my feels. =_=;

Started chapter by chapter revisions for Suffocation novel with editor, and turned over revised first drafts of the connected second and third novels, Holodomor and Memory Kill. Also managed to glance the proposal to the agent. I noticed there’s no bio and I neglected to tell potential agent that seven novels in the series are finished. 0_0

So yup, will work on that.

There’s stores online that parse the ISBN database for title information, and get it massively wrong. Places like Chegg.com and Half.com, just crawling through Bowker and snatch ISBN numbers and info–not worried if they correspond or anything, just to get you to click through and ‘look’ at the catalog of reads they do have.  I was shocked to find that Google Books does this also, and reported it when I found false information.  I’m not producing Femitokon on my own, there are ISBNs of mine (yes I have some unused on file from the Gynocrat Ink days) that were set aside for self-productions, but none of them are for Femitokon, or any books in the series.  I have no idea why the titles are coming up in some online sales catalogs with ISBNs, covers, and descriptions that don’t match what the books are about. Common sense should prevail, or at least I hope it will.

As for TV and stuff… I almost gave up on SyFy after the sexist shitfest that was Ascension.


They redeemed themselves with 12 Monkeys, and I’m digging the return of Helix, it’s as trippy as ever—but it needs more Meegwun Fairbrother (doesn’t everything?) Grimm’s been off to an interesting start this season, now that Wu is in the loop (he’s the best cop they have, it’s about time!). Elementary needs to ditch Kitty and this whole Stuart Townsend thing…please. It’s just not working, but Elementary, even at its worst, still comes ahead of BBC’s Sherlock (sorry Cumberbitches, nothing personal).


OMG, Boyd killed Dewey Crow. I didn’t see that coming. …and Supernatural, at this point, is a vanity-view for me because I love the characters and they feel like family. The Flash is a bit too juvenile for me. :/ It’s not a bad show, but I just can’t get into it because I feel too old to be watching it? Make sense? Constantine, Arrow, and Agents of SHIELD are still to stupid for words–I can’t even try to get into them.

Having seen the Australian version of The Slap, and read the book–I WILL NOT be watching the Americanized series.  None of the characters in this show are likable–they’re all dicks, they’re the parents and people you don’t want to be, and I sure as shit won’t be watching them on TV.

Historical stuff hit Prime and Netflix last month.

Sons of Liberty was painful. It was as if someone at the History Channel said “Hey I like Assassins Creed and Sam Adams beer, so let’s broadcast Sons of Liberty!” The men are pretty, but not enough to make you forget that history is being butchered here.  Sure, the Vikings is no where near an accurate account of Ragnar Lodbrok or his sons–but their history has been distorted by sagas; the history of the American Revolution and those involved in it, is overtly documented by various sources and none of them were consulted in making Sons of Liberty. Want to know about Boston during this era, stick to John Adams on Prime’s HBO channel.


Got around to watching the White Queen, despite my intense dislike for the historical works of Philippa Gregory. I’m not a Tudor wank by any stretch of the imagination (I loved Tudors and I loved the Elizabeth films, despite their glaring inaccuracies) but what is this obsession with making Elizabeth York in love with King Richard , and a victim of Henry Tudor? Nothing suggests she was ever raped by Tudor, or mistreated–and he sort of lost it when she died, so where does this shit come from?

Okay, I’m off.  It’s time to have dinner out with spouse…


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