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Do You Have a Half-Hour?

Image via Techmeme
Image via Techmeme

I’m sitting here trying to process why there was even a male-allies panel at the GHC this year, and why a company like GoDaddy was on it. I know conventions need money…but what the fuck? How many panels featuring women talking about software development, tech, and other things relevant to women in this industry, got the shaft so that this ‘Male Allies‘ could talk about how down they are with our position?

Dude, if you’re sitting on the panel TALKING…you’re doing the male-ally thing WRONG. Male allies don’t tell me what I already know, male allies listen.

The only talking you should be doing is amongst yourselves–because self policing is so important. The male-allies being lauded here aren’t into self-policing, they’re into publicity. Shame on the GHC for giving it to them. I didn’t hear any of these ‘male-allies’, keen to speak publicly at the GHC, take to Twitter or anywhere else for that matter, to denounce the many rounds of social-media attacks aimed at women in tech, those women that dared to have an opinion–or worse, point out the current state of affairs.

I’m on a revisions deadline, and I begin a new book next month, so I can’t even fathom writing my thoughts on this latest round of patriarchal-fuckery, or the GamerGate bullshit (seriously, I lost a lot of respect for some writers and online friends over that Twitter conversation last week, and I’m choosing to Block, Ignore, and Pass) I just don’t have the time right now to be derailed, and that’s so dangerous, shame on me.

Luckily, better women with the time to dedicate to all this, made some noise.


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