October, The Last Month of Summer in Texas.

It’s been an uneventful couple of weeks, lots of self-induced linkspam:

I finished Permanent Stains, and was forced to remove an entire subplot that dealt with Eppis Banto’s private life. I managed to find a home for it while doing second-draft revisions to Holodomor (the manuscript for that one was woefully lacking in word count). Editor should have Suffocation back to me sometime in October, but there’s no rush, because I intended to save the final novel of the series, Ascension, for NaNoWriMo—I know, how irresponsible of me to write my book during the month that celebrates the notion that ANYONE can write a novel.

Sorry, I’m not that much of an author-snob. If you can write it, do it!

End of summer TV’s been good, but these micro seasons are killing me. I grew up in the 70’s and the 80’s, when we had mini-series, full seasons of shows, and NO summer programming. TV Guide would dedicate a dictionary size issue to “Fall Previews’. Ah, those were the days…

I love Doctor Who again, because I like having an elder Doctor.


I’ve reached a point in the Intruders where all I care about is Marcus Fox and the Shepherds. Let’s hope other plot strings get more interesting.

helloI’m still only watching Hawaii Five-O because of Daniel Dae Kim. His hair is crap this year, but I don’t care, he’s really the only reason I watch, that and to see Grace Park hit people that piss her off.  So A&E did something idiotic and cancelled Longmire. I get it, it’s not owned by A&E, so they don’t want to broadcast anything they don’t own…but damn, how stupid.

My spouse and I have gotten hooked on seeing Henry Rollins do infodocs on H2. I keep waiting for him to lose it and hit someone… anyone… please.

Hell On Wheels…WTF man! I loved Elam, but I appreciate that Common wants his music back and needs to focus on it, but damn man! –also, that poor lesbian Louise Ellison having to mack on Campbell. I usually love me some Jake Webber (I’m sucker for big noses and widow’s peak, he’s got both!) but ugh, my skin crawled for her. It’s all about self-preservation, I’ve been seeing that with all the women on this show from day one…but ew. Ew.


Another show I’ve been watching religiously is the Bridge; wow, how the hell is Marco and Fausto going to get out of this without killing each other—and Eleanor is the best new freaky character in any series right now.

The Strain has me hooked, mainly because Kevin-fucking-Durand has a Russian accent. Seriously? Just take my private parts FX! I’ve been watching old Touching Evil eps on Youtube just to get a double scoop of hotness by way of Jeffrey Donovan and Kevin Durand—don’t judge me.


Trying to stay with Z Nation. It’s like Walking Dead, but for Teens that would rather game than watch TV. I dig DJ Qualls so I’m DVRing it so I can binge watch at a later date. Am not watching Gotham, and haven’t bothered with The Flash.

Interpol announced Austin dates in October, and I was psyched because they were playing Stubbs—at 37 bucks a pop…no way! Then I saw it was an ACL weekend. Austin City Limits is now a trend, like SXSW, and it’s an overpriced venue that’s morphed to entertain the transplants that have declared Austin Texas uber-cool. So anyone with ACL tickets get first entry to see the band, which means if I can get in as a non-ACL patron, I might get a spot close to the restaurant, near the bar, and HEAR the band. Maybe. Suckage. I didn’t bother getting tickets, maybe if I still did alcohol, I wouldn’t mind hanging out at the bar and listening to them play. :/

Still have an epic ton of writing to do for this series, so I’ll be on when I can – trying out Ello at the moment–it still needs work as they say… and have ditched the Gynocrat FB page. I just don’t have the time or the inclination to boost it. 😦


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