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Kotex at SDCC, and Why I Hate the film, Lucy.

I adore this blog called Women Write About Comics.  It’s through one of their tweets that I discovered Kotex had a booth at San Diego Comic-Con. My first reaction was… fuck this shit.

A part of me still mourns the fact that San Diego Comic Con isn’t about comics, and hasn’t been for a long time, but putting that aside and accepting it, I’ve realized that the type of ‘geek/nerd’ that SDCC is catering to, just isn’t me.  I’ve noticed, in my thirty-plus years as a comic reader and cult-film fan and genre television viewer, that my kind of nerd isn’t the one everyone’s talking about these days.

It seems that there’s this new legion of fans branded the ‘pop-culture geek’. Since a large share of these brand-name geeks are women, Kotex gets a booth.  =_=; I’m not going to bash Kotex here, the more I thought about the booth, the better my attitude got in regard to them being there. I think their humorous social-media campaign is funny and relatively positive for young women; but I’ve got some serious nerdy-gender fatigue when it comes to the things I enjoy, and the business of promoting them.

  •  I hate the word fan-girl. I’m not a girl, I’m a woman – but you know that, because you’re doing everything you can to remind me of that, by telling me you’re doing everything you can to make me like you, because you want my money.

Interesting side note to the above statement: I thought this write up for Time by Eliana Dokterman was good—but the title made me want to punch a wall, but I punched that wall already when Dokterman wrote that other piece for Time, on the colonially racist and scientifically nonsensical film, Lucy.  Go see this film ( I did ) and still tell me about the nuance of ‘Johannson as super-heroine’ being both physical, and intellectual,  Do it, I dare you. 0_0

Back on point, I’m tired of announcements telling me ‘there’s a going be a female such and such’. I’m tired of shows telling me, ‘we have women writers’.  I’m tired of panels and conventions creating gender-specific programs because … how else can I feel like I belong?

I’m a true nerd, I can read the material and know if its empowering…I can watch the show and see a woman’s name in the credits…and guess what, keep allowing those those ‘girldom’ panels because hey– feminist, white-washing, and other panels centered on non-white male fan issues should all be lumped together and scheduled at the same time. Way to thin out the herd.

I probably shouldn’t complain about you right? None of those things I’ve complained about, is actually aimed at me, Ye Olde Woman Nerd. You’re all about inundating this newly coveted fan-girl, that female portion of this branded ‘pop-culture geek’, you fear will easily move on to another show or story unless you shout at them ‘PLEASE LOOK AT ME! I’M DOING THIS FOR YOU!’, now here’s a Kotex booth & don’t pick on the booth babes, that’s not feminist.


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