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100 Degree Days – all right!

It’s July, and I have some good news, finally.

My outline was approved for book 7; I had to take out every scene of fun-sexy-romance heavy on the minor characters, and replace it with two distinct narratives featuring two of the main players in the series. It was hard to do—but it was worth it. It’s why editors exist right? To reign in our crazy fever dreaming?

I’ve been inundated with thoughts of LeviHan (Attack on Titan) and oddly enough, old school Piccolo/Dende (DBZ). Don’t judge me, I started out writing fan-fiction and making fan-comics; lucky for me I’m on a tight schedule, with no time to embarrass myself on Ficwad or 🙂  I’ll just continue to live vicariously through Team Four Star.

So my health is looking up. The gallstone isn’t bad enough to require surgery, and the ulcer in my stomach just means no more alcohol or soda with high-fructose corn syrup. Also—I’ve been ordered to exercise at least once a day (back the gym I guess!). This makes sense, because writing does keep me in a chair from 7am to 4pm, every day. I move from writing, to TV watching because it’s typically a 100 degrees every day here in Texas, until October. So yeah, gym it is.


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