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Accomplishment, at a Price.

So next week is going to be… unpleasant.

I have a colonoscopy on Monday, also included in that package is an upper GI tract exam, yay me! I have one day to recover from that, then I get to have a glorious transvaginal ultrasound on Wednesday, followed by an abdominal ultrasound on Thursday.  Don’t get worried (those that actually care) none of this is life-threatening; I’ll be fine. I’ll be spending the next week lying around and watching an epic fuck ton of Netflix, Amazon-Instant, and whatever shit I can find on the YouTube ap of my SmartTV.

As some of you remember, I lost years-worth of work on a series I’d been developing, due to a computer error. Well, I buckled down and focused every ounce of my life on rewriting the manuscripts I lost, and working on those that needed to be done. It’s my constant state of work that has sort of put me in a bad way health-wise…being sedentary and eating between edits is not good for a writer in her mid-40’s.

Was it worth it?

I managed to rewrite all five of the novels I lost to the computer crash, and complete a first draft of book-six, which I hadn’t started. I’ve two books left in this series and I’ll be done—and book seven is giving me a little problem. The plot is all over the place, likely because my health issues are all over the place and I can’t focus. I’m stepping away the series for a month (until editor begins passing on revisions to me for the first novel).

Deep breath. I got skills and opportunities. I’ll get there.


On the subject of TV.

Fargo finale was interesting, and overall I loved this series.  FX got me on this one–then it fumbled big time with the horrific Tyrant (is this the 80’s? Rape for the hell of it is not cool–and this show’s just loaded with it in the pilot ep). Another sexist boner that slapped itself against my forehead this month? Dominion. Really SyFy? You took a character I loved (admittedly, it was because Paul Bettany was playing him) and turned him into a gang-banging porno type. >_< Oy gevalt. You can keep your angel war, I’ll stick with Supernatural.


Defiance came back, and is as cool as ever.  I hate seeing Doc Yewll in prison–but I adore the fact that Datak is sort of her bitch. The poor, horny and helpless fool…I almost feel sorry for him.  Almost.


I’m sort of hooked on Falling Skies again, only because I called the Maggie/Ben ship last season, when I thought she needed to ditch that complicated douche Hal.  She’s a clever, complex woman–and wasting her time on that mess of a man is beneath her.  Go for the younger meat sister, it’s better looking and less stressful.  You have enough stress trying to fight the Esphene.



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