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Jealous of Fuller’s Hannibal

So from this post-finale interview:

 And then Abigail also was a surprise for Will, though not in the way Hannibal originally intended.

Fuller: It’s so romantic! It’s such a romantic gesture. [Laughs]

Gutting Will and slicing Abagail’s throat was decidedly less romantic, however.  Did he just want to hurt Will as much as possible?

Fuller: Absolutely. [He’s saying,] “This is the world that we could’ve had together and it was going to be beautiful. And you ruined everything.”

So yeah, a part of me adores this show because I loved the source material– but another part of me is massively jealous because Bryan Fuller is being paid produce slash fan-fiction.  So much love from me, so much envy!!!

No you say?  He’s taken the characters of another author, and put them in a homoerotic story, for the pleasure of those characters fans.


*drops microphone*

Thank you, have a good night.



2 thoughts on “Jealous of Fuller’s Hannibal”

  1. Intimate but not homoerotic. ;-). After all what could be more intimate than death or contact? I loved the episode.

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