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Supernatural: Cas Needs to Make a Deal with …Dean.

So if you haven’t seen Supernatural finale– DO NOT READ ANY MORE THAN THIS.


*seriously spoiler*

Ok. My thoughts? It was a lackluster season overall, and Abadon went out poorly–she had so much potential.

Gadriel went out poorly–again, a SHIT TON of potential.

Castiel–I don’t know WTF happened to him this season (Oh nothing, Ya!)

WTF happened to my clever sexual ambiguity?
WTF happened to my clever sexual ambiguity?

The most interesting things about this season:

  • Adventures in the Men of Letters batcave (those eps were fun)
  • Crowley’s heterosexualization via drinking Sam’s blood (‘mo demons, stay away, it’ll change you)
  • AND the best development ever: Dean taking on the Mark of Cain (and OMG Lassie as Cain=GOLD).

My hopes for next season now that Sam’s a demon (and yes, he’s a demon now):

  • More fun times with Crowley (please stop praying the gay away on my man Crowley–please!)
  • Castiel’s struggles with losing his grace–maybe a pact with Dean to acquire more grace? Anyone? You know you want to see it.
  • More date nights with Castiel, because his fumbling is hilarious (maybe bring back Meg?)
Oh Clarence, you've got a lot to learn.
Oh Clarence, you’ve got a lot to learn.

Sam is the only character these days I’m ambivalent about. I really don’t care what happens to him, and that’s unfortunate because I think the actor is a cutie.


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