Clitoral Design

Something funny of mention, taken from a conversation on Facebook–I’m a huge fan of clitoral design and vaginal architecture. I love vaginas. Touching them, tasting them, the feel of them—but at this stage of my life, I’m in a monogamous relationship with a man, so the only vagina I get to appreciate these day, is my own—I think this has led me to an obsession with all things clitoral and vaginal.

This photo share was posted on Facebook by artist Shane Lees

The Couch

The comments ranged from ‘uh no’ to ‘not for me!’ I opined that I don’t understand the aversion—to wit a reply came ‘well I’m gay, and I still ain’t down with something that looks like that’ (not a direct quote BTW). I wasn’t aware one had to be gay or straight, to have an appreciation for genital design, but I digress…

My take is this (and while I love peen, I don’t find it as sexy):


Hey Now

The Clitoris is an elevated version of the Cock and Balls, it doesn’t require handling—it just needs a few fingers. It’s a smartphone over flip top, it’s an iPad over an iBook.



I rest my case.


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