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Sex in Survival Situations? It’s Just a Fantasy.

February is one of those short months where nothing much happens—even when I have a deadline.

I got some feedback from an editor friend, he suggested I double up on some of the novels in the Femitokon series – which will knock the novel count to five, and increase the installment count once they’re serialized.  I took his advice, because from a publisher standpoint, limiting the number of books I plan is always in their best interest—just in case the series never quite catches on.  Concept and character art begin at the end of March—so this month I dedicate to revisions. Novels 2 and 3 are now one novel, and I’ve been able to rework the ending of 2, so that it doesn’t feel rushed.  Combining novels 2 and 3 worked out for the best—I feel it’s made both stories, stronger. …I’m in creative limbo right now—nothing new written, other than scene cards and dialog, but they’ve taken a back seat to revisions.

So the Olympics, which I’m not watching this year, has put a serious damper on my TV watching.  Thank you Amazon (and Amazon Prime) for putting a DVD rental store, in my smart-TV.  I did notice though, that some companies are not making their films available for rent via streaming (looking at you Warner Bros); they need to stop that shit—no one wants to OWN a digital edition of Dark Knight Rises. Ownership usually entails going out and buying the Blue Ray, with all the cool extras and decorative packaging—streaming is about instant gratification—stop pulling the publishing worlds version of “let’s use the eBook market to replace our Hardcover market”, by making streaming viewers pay for a download they’ll likely never watch more than once.

Many of the shows I like are coming back. Vikings, Hannibal, and The Americans are a few I’m looking forward too, and once the Olympics is over, Justified, Psych, Elementary, Grimm, and Supernatural, return.

duhI tried to like Helix, I really did…but the science is so…painful…and the last proverbial straw was the predictable ‘fuck scene’.  I’m no snob when it comes to sci-fi television; I like my science to be fiction as much as the next girl, and I love me some sex in realistic settings…but too much bullshit makes for bad viewing.  When I was kid, I forgave the science-bullshit of Star Trek TOS, but as I got older, the techno-babble in Star Trek TNG made the fiction seem “science-y”, if that makes sense.  Helix is so far out there—(perhaps because the series I’m writing required an epic amount of research into genetics and DNA) that I’ve lost my shit-goggles.  I’ve always been hung up on things being too far out there fictionwise—it’s why I chose the Law and Order franchise over the CSI franchise (the only exception being Law and Order SVU—I got no idea who, what, where, when, or Why-The-Fuck, with that show!) I even like Almost Human, despite its clunky intro narrative and superficial tech, the good looking bromance chemistry goes a long way.  Unfortunately Helix killed it for me with each passing episode.  First they killed off the smart-fat scientist, then they brought in Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) for some angry sex with Major Sergio (It was so unnecessary and stupid that I felt like a moron for having seen it), but it got worse by following through with the May-December sexual tension between Alan and Sarah.  When are writers ever going to get it: “IN STRESS HEAVY & SURVIVAL SITUATIONS, A WOMAN IS NOT GOING TO DROP EVERYTHING, TO ENGAGE IN SEXUAL ACTIVITY!”

Hey, I know we need to find a cure, save ourselves, and not get shot–but let’s fuck! *thumbs up*

It’s a great fantasy, and I appreciate that you tried to make it more believable by using the 20-something to make it happen, BUT! the last thing on a woman’s mind (I can tell you this because I’ve been in active combat situations) when shit is hitting the fan, be it zombies, soldiers, or lethal viruses, we aren’t thinking about sex.  Not even the ‘I’ll leave my shirt and bra on” sort of sex.  >_<  When quickie-sex-in-survival-situations happen in movies or series’, I’m reminded of the film Quest for Fire – where at the start of the film, the women grouped together (for fear of being attacked) by the water to bathe, yet one man ended up on the river with them and decided to rape a woman.  He put them both at risk, because he just had to get laid.  He got killed at the end of that scene, an enemy tribe came along, and he was vulnerable.  The women ran—except for the woman being raped–guess what happened to her?  :/


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