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Just a reminder: This blog is a personal one, and it’s a semi-private one. Despite my history in micro-press comics, if I talk shop on here, when it comes to writing, that doesn’t mean it’s OK to take portions of anything I write here, and post it to your ‘news blog’ or ‘industry blog’.  I’ve liked the anonymity my lack of working has given me, and I want to keep it that way. is the ‘pro blog’, if you want to mention or talk about me or something I’ve said—it must be from there, not from here. Thanks for respecting the nature of this blog. 🙂

The youngest kiddo, Mag, has decided to pursue the mortuary sciences.

They’re looking into schools that focus on job-specific education, as opposed to schools that concentrate on two and four-year degrees. My only concern with their decision is that they can’t minor in art. They came out last night and asked me about this, to the tune of: If I go to college for mortuary-sciences, will I have time (or will I lose the love) of creating characters and drawing. It’s a legit concern for them, and it’s one I didn’t think about when I suggested they choose a school that focuses on training only.  I’ve decided to start taking freelance ghost-writing jobs in order to sock money away for it.

I’m a 40-something, so my savings is my retirement—and I didn’t want to take a bite out of my savings in order to get them into college (nor did I want to take out a loan, I finally got my credit score in the 730-range in 2013, and I want to keep it there!) Technically I no longer work a nine-to-five job, but I’ve been socking away cash whenever I get it, sales from books, writing the occasional shit article or review—and I have a work history, so I will get social-security (though I doubt it, the boomers have ate though everything like locusts, so I suspect my social security will go to them) —but my spouse has a 401k, and his own savings that he makes payments to.

The only thing that would take us off track, is having to front the costs of Mag’s education.

Unlike Ian, Mag has been a honor student all their life—and choosing a career path now (with two more years to go before they graduate) is a sign that this is the person I’m going in invest in when it comes to education. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ian, but he’s been borderline grade-wise all his life, and has expressed no interest in college other than to maybe ‘design video games’ or ‘get paid to play video games’. He’s what I’m told is, a late-bloomer. Nonetheless, he’ll be getting job when he graduates this summer, and he’ll live here until he gets his life together. 0_0

When Mag told me about their educational choice, I did some research, projected tuition increases and price-checked supplies like books and equipment—and made sure to check the local Community College classes just in case Mag wants to add art classes to their year. Once I got a set sum, I started carousing old contacts and managed to swing myself a gig with a contracted television writer.

It’s good work if you can get it—and ghosting for a busy series player isn’t what you think—you must keep it so down low that me blogging here will have to pass through that person, to see if its ok to talk about. Some writers are ok with it, while others find it deplorable and unethical. All I know is, I get no credit, but I get a check. The writer that hired me is doing so to procure back-up scripts, so they can concentrate on the story-arc scripts they’ve managed to sell the producer; stepping up with an extra script, just in case one of the other hacks falls through, makes you look good on any series you’re on board with. (His words, not mine.)

Sadly, the writer that hired me, creates for a show I can’t stand—with all the shitty sexist tropes that drive me insane—but his payout was good, and he bought three 1-hour stand-alone scripts.  Once I invoiced him, I got notice of the impending ACH deposit, and saw the amount—which was awesome compared to anything I’ve done in comics, until I pulled out my tax chart, and removed what I needed to pay, for taxes. >_<

I work as a 1099 freelancer, but I have nifty chart that shows me what I owe in taxes. To my chagrin, my 15K payout will actually be in the low 12K range– once all the taxes are taken. I voted for Obama, so I know the scale for ‘single and claiming no one’ bracket hurts—but when I see it on paper, going from one reasonable amount, to a smaller amount, it’s murder on the mindset.

In other writing news – dialog on the fourth novel of the Femitokon series didn’t start in December/January as planned, because I was busy with the paying job.  February was the date I set for the start of the fourth-novel scenes, so I’m pushing that back to March; dialog for the novel begins in February.  I also found an artist for the series, and work on concepts and characters begin in March–I must make sure that I don’t get so caught up in artistic process, that I neglect revisions on the first novel, that should be back from editor by then.  =_=;


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